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I’m so excited about this video program, this video blog that I have put together to really share future trends that affect everyone in enterprise. One of the future trends associated with leadership innovation with healthcare.

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The Truth About Customer Experience

This episode.What is Truth About Customer Experience? Well, today I'm going to talk about one of my favorite subjects, something I've spent my entire life researching, and really trying to understand this bizarre and amorphus area of enterprise success. Well, we're...

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The Post Covid Marketplace

This episode.You know, today I want to talk about, I guess what you could call the elephant in the room, the post COVID economy. I mean, now what, with vaccines rolling out quickly, and everyone's scrambling to try to figure out what the new future looks like. I think...

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Innovations in Oil and Gas

This episode.Today, I'd like to talk about the oil and gas industry. When you think about innovation, it's really hard to exclude oil and gas has been at the very top of your list. And the reason for that is the oil and gas industry has made unprecedented levels of...

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