The new principles of leadership

Sep 24, 2021 | blog

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Hi, this is Nick Webb and welcome to volume three of my video blog. I’m so excited to share with you this incredibly important principle. And the principle is this is that the future of leadership is innovation. Now remember that innovation is the process of creating novel meaning new value that serves your organization and your customer. Well, that’s what leadership is all about, is to be able to engage our teams in a way that’s respectful and thoughtful and inclusive, so that we can encourage them to do something that is incredibly important to them, and to our enterprise. And that’s the CO creation. I can’t tell you how many times in my 40 years as an innovation management consultant, I’ve gone into organizations, and it was incredible to me that they didn’t simply collaborate with the problem, the opportunity and the customer facing stakeholders, and they collaborated with them with a formal innovation strategy, they would get such great insights and they could build these amazing solutions together with their stakeholders. Why is that important for innovation, we know that we can significantly improve the quality of work life for employees, we can get better insights about what customers hate and what customers love, we can learn more about emerging technologies. And when we need to jump into a trajectory within new innovations. We can do so much when we’re willing to co create and collaborate with our stakeholders, not least of which is to author an environment of happiness. That’s right. Innovation drives a culture of happiness, and happiness drives increased productivity, presenteeism, and it’s the right thing to do. Now, listen, I’m going to do something in this video that I think is really fun, and it’s very powerful. I know that I can’t tell you everything that you need to know in a two minute video. But I’ve wrote a complete book, I believe it’s 50,000 words, this is not an E book, a complete book entitled, not surprisingly, innovation leadership, simply simply send me an email and request a copy of the book, and I’ll send you a PDF of the book. The only thing I ask is, please don’t share the book. This is a copyrighted document that is really intended for people that reach out to me directly. I also want you to know is I’m not a salesperson, and my business is impacted. So we’re not looking to sell you anything. So you’re never going to hear from me again, other than to get the book from me at no cost. And there’s no strings attached, guaranteed. So listen, I hope that you realize that 2022 and beyond in leadership is about being able to build the DNA and the core competency of innovation. That’s what it takes to be a leadership superstar innovation. It’s the missing ingredient. But today in a time of massive disruption, which is also another word for different pneus we need to create as leaders newness. The other name for that, of course, is innovation. Thanks so much for watching my short video and don’t forget to ask I’m request a copy of your free book. Thanks so much.
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