LeaderLogic is a different kind of advisory firm.

Our approach is personal.

And real. We strive to deliver exceptional returns on our client’s investment, in a way that delivers an exceptional client experience. In fact, many of our customers have become family. We’re picky about what we take on, because we know what were good at and we focus on areas that we can deliver a great return on investment. It’s simple, really. Our only goal is to deliver great results, great experiences, in a human way that respects our clients and serves their mission.

For us, it’s all about the human touch.

Our mission is to provide handcrafted quality Advisory and Training services to great organizations, that help them positively impact their organization, stakeholders and customers.

How we approach our work.

We avoid the bloat of massive teams, facilities and infrastructure costs. And so avoid assembly lines to deliver services and billing structures that can only be described as client punitive.

We have a core team and great strategic partners that provide exceptional quality of work at the lowest possible cost.

About our Founder and CEO.

Nick Webb has been awarded one of the Top Global Gurus in the area of Customer Experience for seven years in a row. As an innovator, Nick has been awarded over 40 patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office for landmark technologies, including one of the smallest medical implants and one of the first wearable technologies.

He has served as an Adjunct Professor and a Chief Innovation Officer at one of the top medical schools.

Nick is one of the top Keynote Speakers in the world traveling to 70 events worldwide speaking on Innovation, Future Trends, Leadership, Enterprise Happiness and the Future of Healthcare.


Nick is a number one best-selling author, some of his books include The Innovation Mandate, The Healthcare Mandate, The Innovation Superstar Playbook, What Customers Crave, Heyday, and What Customers Hate.

His documentary film, The Healthcare Cure, has just been awarded the Audience Choice Award at the prestigious Sedona International Film Festival.

Nick works with some of the top brands in the world to help them build future-ready strategies that drive predictable and sustainable growth.

About our President.

Michelle Lynn is obsessed with customer happiness, and her 30-year career in client relations proves it. She has a simple philosophy, deliver great services at a fair price, and guaranteed them always. She is passionate about our clients and loves the human side of the business. Michelle manages all aspects of client happiness. Michelle works with our vendor partners and adjunct consultants to manage projects and results.

Matti Palo MD

Healthcare Practice Advisor

Dr. Palo is a Board-certified Orthopedic Surgeon with a passion for educating and inspiring others. Dr. Palo is a pioneer in digital patient education and loves using technology to optimize the experience for patients. As our healthcare practice advisor, he works with our team to assist us in delivering exceptional value to our healthcare clients.


Chase Parker

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Chase is a seasoned sales and marketing professional. He loves selling something he believes in and the impact that clients receive from our work. Chase works with organizations to understand their needs, problems, and opportunities and then prescribes incredibly valuable solutions. Chase works with executives across hundreds of industry categories to facilitate client onboarding and client happiness. Chase also manages all of our digital marketing partners and other channel partners.


Paige Alexis

Digital and social media intern

Paige supports our clients through social collaboration and digital communication efforts across all digital platforms. She loves connecting with our clients and prospective clients to gain insights on how to deliver higher client value. Most importantly, Paige loves learning from the digital community on how best to collaborate and co-create with clients.

Taylor Stathopoulos

Alumni Representative

Taylor supports our valued alumni through working as an alumni liaison. She helps us continually improve the value and experience we deliver to our clients. Taylor is a Senior Sales and Marketing Specialist who works at DRS Daylight Solutions to manage and execute integrated marketing communication strategies. Taylor holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from San Diego State University and is currently pursuing a Master of Science in Marketing at Johns Hopkins University.

Ella Glasgow

Virtual Events Advisor

Ella is a master of virtual events both asynchronous and live. She works with our team to help us build world-class events for our enterprise clients. Meeting planners hire her to create impactful virtual events so they can wow their community, increase connections and commitment to their cause.

We’ve served all the best brands.