Nick Webb blog introduction

Sep 24, 2021

This episode.

Hi, this is Nick Webb, I’m so excited about this video program, this video blog that I have put together to really share future trends that affect everyone in enterprise. One of the future trends associated with leadership innovation with healthcare. And I’m also going to talk about one of my favorite subjects and that’s happiness. You know, in fact, the other day somebody said, but Nick, what are you doing talking about happiness, you talk about healthcare. Really. In other words, if we talk about healthcare, happiness isn’t part of the equation. That’s sad. And I’m going to explain why organizations that drive a culture of happiness really are thriving in health care. But I’m also going to talk about leadership and innovation about how we leverage innovation as a way to drive collaboration and co creation and stakeholder engagement. I really hope that you follow this video program, because I’m going to put a lot of love and thought into ways in which to build short videos that provide the most amount of information to leaders today, that can help them get real, true actionable insights that they can apply immediately in their organization. Hey, listen, I also would love to have you drop by or connect with me on LinkedIn or elsewhere, just to be able to share ideas, and so I can have the opportunity to learn from you as well. So thanks so much for following my video program. I’m really excited. And one other little last thing I want to mention, and that is I’m going to put a positive bend on just about everything, not unrealistic, not inaccurate. But I want to take a look at all of these trends. From the good news perspective. I think that’s important. We’re seeing so much bad news. And we’ve started to develop this sort of trigger mechanism of automatic negative default. And I want to change that certainly in the dialogue that I share around healthcare, innovation, leadership, and organizational happiness. Thanks so much for considering to take your time to watch my videos again. I’ll put a lot of love and thought into these to keep them short, but to deliver you really actionable insights. Thanks again.
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