How to make innovation real in 2022

Sep 24, 2021 | blog

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Hi, this is Nick Webb and welcome to my presentation on innovation for 2022, which is, I believe Volume Two of my video series. Well, first of all, I think we need to talk about where the problems are. So many organizations realize something important today, what they realize is, is that we are in a time of disruption. Now another word for disruption is different nuts, right? disruption means different. And so in a time of different PNAS, it mandates that we create newness, also known as innovation. That’s why disruptive innovation and the term innovation has become one of the most searched terms on Google today. We need to create new things. But we need to create things that are bigger. And we need to create things more quickly. Because disruption is really the size and the speed of innovation. So how do we do that? You know, what I find is that the best organizations in the world that are really driving enterprise innovation, technology and product innovation, these organizations have made a genuine commitment to the budget, to the time to the resources, but you know what, most importantly, a commitment to those amazing stakeholders that show up every day to help you serve your intended Mensch mission, we tend to forget the fact that innovation is about co creation, it’s about collaboration. It’s about getting insights from the problem and opportunity and risk and customer facing positions, so that we can learn from them, and collaborate with them to create an innovative enterprise. If you are not connecting to these amazing stakeholders, through ideation through hackathons, through enterprise social networks, through a formal customer experience and innovation strategy. Look, you’ll never be able to be good at this. We are living in the customer economy, the experience economy, and we need to innovate not just new technologies and products, we need to innovate Beautiful, beautiful human experiences. In my future talks on my video blog, which I’m trying to keep it about two to three minutes, I’m going to show you how to really create a formal innovation strategy that goes beyond the lame and outdated approach of creating a bumper sticker. I can’t tell you how many organizations I’ve worked with, over the last 40 years and said, Hey, we need to check the innovation box. It’s so sad because the individuals in those organizations really wanted to, to collaborate and to co create and they wanted to create better solutions and better experiences for that company’s customer. But they really weren’t given safe places to innovate. Alright, so those are my tips, create a beautiful culture that drives collaboration and co creation, make certain that you build a formal innovation strategy. It’s incredible to me that people would never consider hiring a chief financial officer that didn’t have expertise and training in finance, to take that very important role yet, we sort of wake up one day and we wave our scepter over some unwilling victim in the organization. And we say We hereby declare you the owner of innovation, innovations, a skill is a complicated skill that requires a lot of really disparate skill sets. And without that you’re really setting those individuals up for failure. Now, I know I covered a lot. So the good news is I’m going to cover each of these various components in more detail in future videos. But let’s make a commitment to innovation for 2022 in a time of different pneus, also known as disruption. We need newness, also known as innovation. Thanks so much for listening to this short video and please follow me I’d love to tell you more and to share with you with the ideas I have around how to make innovation real in your organization. Thanks so much.
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