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Consumer Insights

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At LeaderLogic, we understand that gaining accurate and actionable insights on employee and customer sentiment is essential to driving predictable and scalable business growth. That’s why we’ve developed our proprietary Net Customer ExperienceTM (NCX) and RealRating® methodologies to help our clients gather and analyze consumer and employee insights. At LeaderLogic, our proprietary and trademark programs are only available through us. We leverage our Net Customer ExperienceTM NCX and RealRating® methodologies to provide our clients with accurate and actionable insights that drive growth. Our services include: 

Consumer Insights

Our Net Customer Experience™ NCX methodology measures customer loyalty by evaluating the overall experience customers have with a brand. We identify key drivers of customer loyalty and develop strategies to improve customer experience across all touchpoints. This enables our clients to build stronger relationships with their customers and drive predictable and scalable business growth.

Employee Insights

Outdated employee satisfaction surveys provide fractional and inaccurate insights about employees’ sentiments. Our proprietary systems provide you with actionable insights that can rapidly improve employee happiness and job satisfaction. Our RealRatings® methodology helps our clients create a culture of employee happiness, productivity, and presenteeism.

Strategy and Consulting

Our team of experts works with clients to develop and execute strategies that align with their business goals and drive growth. We leverage our insights to identify the key drivers of growth and develop strategies to address those issues. Our Human Experience (HX) strategies will significantly improve your employees and customers experience satisfaction.

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