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Subscribe to our blog and get a free copy of
by Nicholas Webb



At this very moment, your current marketplace is facing massive market disruption. This includes the impact of digital disruption, hyper-consumerization, and new economic models, just to name a few.

Most organizations are operating with outdated enterprise strategies that fail to leverage innovation best practice, customer experience design, and digital optimization. In fact, if your organizational strategy is more than one year old, it’s already out of date.

As the adage suggests, the future belongs to those who prepare for it. Too often we assume that the strategic planning processes of just a few years ago are adequate to address the speed and depth of disruptive change. But today’s reality is much different. It’s hard to read the news without learning about the demise of another great brand. Too many failed organizations doubled down on old-fashioned methods, systems, and strategies that simply didn’t pan out.


Future ready.

We know how to avoid those pitfalls and help you stay ahead of the pack. The LeaderLogic consultants serving you are award-winning inventors, business leaders, and true subject matter experts on strategy and innovation. When you work with LeaderLogic, you’re in direct contact with Nicholas Webb, who has authored the research and understands how to apply it in your enterprise.

If you’re ready to take your organization on a journey of future readiness that protects your enterprise from disruption while leveraging its power to drive sustainable growth and profitability, you’ve come to the right place.


In addition to providing our full service strategic planning services, we also have a range of à la carte items to assist your organization in filling competency and team gaps:

  • Strategic planning coaching and facilitation
  • Leadership and board of director retreat facilitation
  • Strategic plan creation
  • Strategic plan audit with detailed gap analysis
  • Strategic initiative architecture and deployment
  • Strategy, innovation, and customer experience initiative development
  • Board of director coaching, training, and problem resolution


  • Full-service management consulting for key strategic appointments
  • Waste out and financial stewardship consulting
  • Shared service center development and consulting
  • Project management office development and consulting
  • Enterprise excellence design and deployment
  • Center for innovation development
  • Formal customer experience strategy and training
  • Customer experience audits
  • Outsource innovation and product scouting
  • Keynote presentations and workshops


Big body of fresh research.

Our founder and CEO is a prolific researcher. His body of research spans dozens of industries on how the best organizations are leading their markets. His number one best-selling books are used by universities and CEO alike. Nicholas has the ability to find unique emerging trends, and then applies his body of research to help leaders make those trends relevant. In the fast-moving disruptive marketplace, organizations need to partner with experts that understand the impact of emerging trends.

And, yes.

We serve some of the best brands in the world