From concept to marketplace.

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by Nicholas Webb

Product Design, Development, And Commercialization.

  • Complete turnkey product design
  • Optimize your existing product line
  • Find new product and technology acquisitions
  • Develop adjunct products and technologies

Our team has successfully launched award-winning, high-profit products to market. We leverage best practices in new product design, development, and commercialization.



Product design and development services

We can identify a new product innovation for your organization and present it to you for development by your team, or we can develop it for you. We provide a turnkey product innovation process that provides a new perspective to your product and technology offerings. Additionally, we provide a wide range of new product development optimization services and virtually everything you need to support the development and commercialization of products and technologies to include:



Product design, optimization, and scouting services

  • Complete product and packaging design
  • US market distribution services
  • US market launch planning and channel development
  • Our Six Sigma Black belt team can improve your quality and speed
  • Virtual prototypes
  • 3-D high-resolution and functional prototypes
  • Product marketing brochures and promotional material
  • Product design suites and pitch decks
  • Project management services
  • Voice of the Customer (VOC) market insights
  • NPD audits for optimization


Big body of fresh research.

Our founder and CEO is a prolific researcher. His body of research spans dozens of industries on how the best organizations are leading their markets. His number one best-selling books are used by universities and CEO alike. Nicholas has the ability to find unique emerging trends, and then applies his body of research to help leaders make those trends relevant. In the fast-moving disruptive marketplace, organizations need to partner with experts that understand the impact of emerging trends.

And, yes.

We serve some of the best brands in the world