The growth secrets of the best organizations.

“Innovation is a learned skill. The best teacher I know is Nick Webb. If you want to innovate you need this book!”

Chester Elton – New York Times best-selling author

“This book is the perfect blend of the latest approaches to leverage innovation as the ultimate enterprise strategy. “

Matti Palo, MD – CEO and Healthcare Innovator


Coming from HarperCollins Publishers in Fall 2019.

The Innovation Mandate is Nicholas Webb’s newest and most eagerly anticipated book. For two reasons, The Innovation Mandate will be required reading for every business leader.

1. The rate of change in business and technology is accelerating. The innovation cycle time has both sped up and gotten deeper. This means the amount of human energy and resources you and your organization need to invest in keeping ahead of the pack has gone up.

2. The severity of disruption is increasing. The disruptive forces that can obliterate a company are more powerful than ever before. As a result, the lifespan of the average company is decreasing.

The future will be challenging, but you and your organization need not fall victim to the innovations of others. You can play the same game… and win.

In this groundbreaking book, Nicholas shows leaders how to harness the power of innovation every day and in every corner of the organization. He de-mystifies innovation and reveals the secrets to capturing the valuable new ideas that employees, vendors, and even rivals produce, and then putting those new ideas into practice for profit.

He shares the Three Key Elements of Innovation – Act, Make, and Impact – that comprise the Innovation Ecosystem and are the foundation for sustained, profitable innovation.


The Four Levels of Innovation on the risk/reward scale:


These really aren’t innovations, merely distractions.

The small steps that, when added up over time, can result in massive innovation.


The innovations that change the market.


The inovations that can put competitors out of business.


The many sources of innovation.

You’ll learn about the many sources of innovation, including from the lab, accidental discovery, collaboration with partners, crowdsourcing, and open innovation. And the importance of the Three C’s – commitment, customization, and creativity.           

There’s so much more! Written in down-to-earth language, the book is packed with real-life examples of companies that have achieved amazing success by consistently innovating, as well as a few cautionary tales of those who failed to innovate and who perished.

You’ll find The Innovation Mandate will become your trusted advisor and guide as you build your innovation pipeline and initiate a steady flow of new value that serves your organization’s mission and customer.