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Three Steps to Happiness, our Process

Our simple Three-step Process will rapidly improve Employee Satisfaction, Productivity, Enterprise Innovation, Customer Experience, and Growth. All of our work is completely customized for each and every client in order to deliver the best possible return on investment.

Step one

Current State Assessment

We go far beyond outdated Employee Surveys and Focus Groups. Our proprietary RealRatings® method gives us the insights to architect a plan that gets results… guaranteed!

Step two

Happiness Strategy

The right strategy delivers predictable and measurable results. Our comprehensive strategy provides detailed plans that are specific to your organization’s current state of Employee Happiness. These strategies include Leadership, Manager, and Team Training. The combination of exceptional Assessments, comprehensive Plans, and Training results in scalable, long-term success.

Step three

Deployment and Measurement

We assist in the development of various initiatives and training programs to ensure measurable and meaningful success. Our programs include communication, training, management, implementation, measurements, and reporting strategies.

Simply stated we provide measurable and scalable results guaranteed!

Get an Exceptional Return on your worklife training, and consulting investment

We have served some of the best brands in the world for over 40 years. In a recent “use case” we provided over a 10 Million Dollar return on our client’s investment. We deliver the best Training, Consulting, and Coaching services guaranteed! Let’s set up a free discovery call, so you can ask the tough questions.

Our Workplace happiness training and consulting programs get results, plain and simple.

In order to attract and keep mission-critical talent, you need to develop the infrastructure, training and support necessary to build a “Culture of Happiness”. Our Certified Training Programs provide significant benefits to include:

  • Attract and keep the best talent.
  • Lead and manage remote teams.
  • Drive employee-based innovations.
  • Reduce onboarding and retention costs.
  • Major improvements in social ratings.
  • Build a culture of true happiness.
  • Significantly increase productivity.
  • Rapidly improve employee satisfaction.

The freshest, and best research on how to rapidly improve employee satisfaction, and productivity.

Our straightforward methods are based on multiple Number-one Bestselling Books on how to make Leadership Mastery, and Cultural Happiness a Core Competency.


Message from our CEO Nicholas Webb

I have been given the amazing honor of working with some of the best organizations in the world to help them drive leadership and cultural mastery. I love the work that we do in our ability to deliver one of the best service products in our industry. It’s an honor to see the incredible human impact of the work that we do. I’m proud to say, that the overwhelming majority of our clients have become close family friends, and long-term colleagues. In closing, I would just like to say that I would be honored to serve your organization.

LeaderLogic is a 30 year old Management Consulting Firm that specializes in Leadership, Culture, Innovation, Strategy, and Enterprise Growth. We are located in Scottsdale, Arizona and we provide Consulting Services and Training to clients worldwide. All of the work that we provide is 100% customized to the unique and special needs of each client. We deliver meaningful and measurable returns on your investment… Guaranteed!

We Serve Some of the Best Organizations in the World

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